VI AI Seminary

One year on from the start of our AI Seminar, the 6th meeting of the Law and Technology research group took place in Krakow on 26.05.2023.

The seminar started with a paper by Dr Iga Bałos-Stoczewska on intellectual property law, in the context of the development of artificial intelligence, followed by a discussion on the impact of new technologies on our lives.

With the Copernicus Festival 2023 underway last week, the conversation continued at the exhibition '[...] orbium coelestium', where we could admire the works of nine artists. The exhibition was based on a concept by Bartłomiej Kucharzyk, with arrangements by Aleksandra Sikora and coordination by Kinga Dawidowicz and Anna Żołnik. It was inspired by cosmic structures and phenomena, as well as current world problems.

Staying in the climate of space, we moved to the Museum of Engineering and Technology for a lecture by David Grinspoon, a fellow at the Institute of Planetary Sciences, which carries out astrobiology research projects with NASA. The lecture sought to answer the question of how the idea of global cognition, as described in both science fiction and science, can be valuable for understanding technological civilisation on Earth and elsewhere.

After such a dose of knowledge, we continued the meeting in the less formal surroundings of atmospheric Kazimierz😊.

As it has been a year since we started, we would like to thank everyone involved in our project, including the participants and the speakers whose papers initiated interesting discussions, in particular Marcin Talik, Tomasz Mikosz, Michał Araszkiewicz PhD, Ani Sokołowska, Maciej Jura, Marcin Kroll, Błażej Szaflik, Aleksander Caban, Iga Bałos-Stoczewska, PhD, Marcin Wojas, Robert Czuła, Andrzej Załęski, Wojciech Plesiński, Jerzy Krypel, Tomasz Biernacki, Jakub Cebula, Witold Jelito, Paulina Klimas, Michał Krafczyk, Paulina Steczek, Ernest Holewa, Ewa Wijas, Zuzanna Łoś, Zuzanna Cebula, Michał Kalinowski, Andżelica Kaczmarczyk, prof. Marta Soniewicka, Ewa Laskowska-Litak, PhD, Bartłomiej Kucharzyk, PhD, Jakub Kabza, PhD.

We would also like to thank the invited guests of Seminar VI, in particular His Magnificence Rector of the Jagiellonian University Prof. Armen Edigarian, Marek Kapturkiewicz, Maciej Prusak and Prof. Bogusław Przywora.