BSJPtech - a joint project of the BSJP law firm and JCJK law firm

BSJPtech is a department within the BSJP bnt law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to clients in the area of new technologies, particularly clients in the IT, e-commerce and innovation industries. At BSJPtech, we have combined the experience of two law firms: BSJP bnt and JCJK.

BSJP bnt is one of the leading law firms in Poland, with a team of more than 70 attorneys, legal advisors, tax advisors, patent attorneys and auditors in four branches in Poland (Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw).

JCJK is a Krakow-based law firm specializing in serving clients in the area of new technologies, with unique experience built up over the past several years.