V AI Seminary

March has been a particularly busy month for our interdisciplinary BSJPtech team, which has just started a series of meetings on AI in the new year 2023. Our 5th seminar took place on 9 March in one of the buildings of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.

This time it was hosted by invited guests Aleksander Caban and Błażej Szaflik from Carbon Studio S.A., who presented us with their new project using deep learning AI to create advanced 3D landscapes. A very interesting presentation was followed by a discussion on the creation of graphics for video games, methods of artificial intelligence creating 3D projects, and possible infringements of intellectual property rights related to this.

On this day we were not only favoured by the beautiful sunny weather, but also by the turnout, which resulted in a very lively discussion for which we are very grateful.

Thanks also (and perhaps especially) to Carbon Studio S.A. for its presence and lecture.

See you at the next Seminar!